Our History

The Bon Ton has been a family owned and operated business since its inception in 1921 and is very much a part of Calgary’s heritage.
The Bon Ton was founded by Ed Roberts and was originally located on the corner of 7th Ave and Center Street S.E. Mr. Roberts owned and operated the 900 square foot store until 1940 when Jack and Norm Middleton purchased the company. Jack and Norm, along with a few partners throughout the years, namely Bill Fodor and Martin Kuhn, successfully operated the company until 1976 when they sold it to their nephew John Middleton. During the building boom of the late seventies, John was forced to move the store to Edmonton Trail and 9th Ave, N.E. He successfully ran that location from 1977 until 1994 when he moved the store to our current location in the Stadium Shopping Centre in northwest Calgary.
In 1995, Fred Keller, a veteran of the meat industry, partnered with John to help run the business. In 1997, Fred and Ruby purchased John’s remaining shares to become sole owners of the company, ending 57 years of the Middleton family’s ownership of The Bon Ton Meat Market.
The present owners and management have great respect for the previous owners and an appreciation for the work it took to establish The Bon Ton in the city of Calgary. Sadly Jack Middleton recently passed away. We miss his friendly visits to "his store" to pick up meat pies for his family and friends.
Greg Keller came on board to manage the company in 2002 and remains committed to keeping The Bon Ton traditions and to never lose the family business philosophies that have been established throughout The Bon Ton’s history.

Since the inception of The Bon Ton in 1921, the owners have shared one common goal: To remain true to the definition of the name of the company by being committed to providing the best products and services and to be the best meat market anywhere.

Definition of Bon Ton as per the dictionary:

“A sophisticated manner or style”.

“The proper thing to do”.


Thus our company slogan, “All in Good Taste



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